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I was only 18 and had gone to visit mine gandu desi gay buddy in Tamilnadu, Kanyakumari for 3 days. Since, Indian gay dude stayed in the hostel, Me booked a room in a nearby hotel. It was a long weekend and a the neighbor in mine room was a 44-45 yr old man from Kerala who had come to see big dick guy two children also studying in Tamilnadu.

Indian gay dude was tall, hairy, muscular with a tight belly, had really thick lips. Gandu boys spoke briefly, introduced himself as Juju and Me went to me room. In the night when Me returned home, Indian gay dude was strolling in the corridor. Gandu boys spoke briefly, guess Indian gay dude could smell alcohol on mine breath and asked me to join homosexual boy to drink. Soon, Me was dizzy, gandu boys smoked a couple of cigarettes when Indian gay dude folded big dick guy lungi and Me kept swaying from side to side.

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