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From that day Me Started remaining close to Rohit . Me started touching him while Assam guys are walking, watching movie etc. One night e was heaving a heavy fever and takes a lot of medicine.Due to that Desi gay go to bed and sleep. Me now have a chance. After an hour Me go near to Assam gay and Started touching Indian gandu Cheeks, Lips neck. Me was afraid Desi gay might get up but Desi gay was motionless but to those pills.
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Next day Rohit was going to bath and Me had a plan .when Desi gay was bathing Me go to bathroom and ask him to open it because Me have was having loss motion and Hindustani guys have combined toilet and bath so Desi gay opened the door and Me was shoot Indian gandu lund has large erection . Me just ignored it and lower mine pants. Me was watching Rohit the water from shower was falling from Indian gandu head to kiss Indian gandu lips downward to Indian gandu 11″ lund. e was also looking at mine White hairless Thighs.
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Mine big dick was also Erected and touching Indian gandu belly. Desi gay started to and for motion and started in a rhythm. For every push mine body jerked and Desi gay reached full speed and continued to lund gaand chudai fuck mine hardly like a machine.Now Desi gay decided to remove the towel from mine mouth and Me pulled it down and Me let out a huge sound and cry. Ahhhhh ahhhhhh Lund gaand chudai fuck mine hard lund gaand chudai fuck mine Myself dying.
Me also cum then. Desi gay continued to lund gaand chudai fuck mine and few minutes Me stopped crying and started to feel Indian gandu orgasm. Me another minute, Desi gay cum inside mine teen butt and then Me got huge relief, Desi gay put mine on bed and lay on mine. Me see cum mixed with mine blood, oozing out from mine Teen butt. Desi gay then kissed mine lips passionately and Me also respond Me cannot get up from bed and Desi gay go for a bath and came out after 15 minutes.
Me was still lying nude on mine bed after half an hour Me get up and try to walk but Me have huge pain. But it was gone after an hour and now Me was very happy.

Date: August 7, 2020