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Enjoy Bhopal Indian gay college teacher & principal anal fuck MMS at homosexual sex site. College crazy gandu lovers hardcore fuck for doing full gay masti. Akhilesh after gandu guy school hours just returning from school, exhausted as usual, suddenly Indian gay was reminded of the new tuition teacher who is gonna come today to teach hot dude. Hindi. “ohh shit…” said Akhilesh, “ now Myself had to rush…, why Indian gay has to come today, Myself am just so exhausted” said Akhilesh, in an exhausted expression.

Now let me describe Akhilesh for all of you, Akhilesh is 18 years old and in class 12th, , tall, almost 6 feet, sound health , and the recent gym sessions had made gandu guy body more fit and chiselled….

Akhilesh reached home all sweaty from gandu guy long walk..and got a text from gandu guy mom just before opening the door, “ papa and i are going for a party will be returning late in the night, there is food in the fridge, made some freah juice for you, and yes your new tuition teacher is gonna be here anytime so better be ready.. yeah better be ready for what, and what the fuck is.

This why did gandu boys have to keave me alone” said an irritated Akhilesh, Indian gay took off the shirt was in a towel, all sweaty and checking gandu guy mobile, suddenly the dior bell rang, Indian gay went to open the door, to gandu guy absolute plesent surprise Khan, gandu guy new Hindi teacher turned out to be a 22 year 6 feet tall super toned wetish complexion hunk.” hi u must be Akhilesh” said Khan, Akhilesh gave a smile and mr Khan returned the gesture with a wink in gandu guy eyes..that was it..

Akhilesh knew its not going to be any usual Hindi tuition today, Akhilesh said” let me take a shower, you be comfortable here, relax and Myself will come with my books and all” said Akhilesh, “ohhk” said Mr Khan.” but do you mind if desi gays study in your room, Myself will be glancing through the books” said Mr Khan.

“Thats ohhk…. Lets fo that” Akhilesh directed mr Khan to gandu guy Khan was going through gandu guy books suddenly Indian gay found a gay magazine in gandu guy drawers, full with hunky models masturbating off eaxh other.those picture made Mr Khan really hard, all Indian gay could think of gandu guy eating that beautiful bubble asshole of Akhilesh, chewing gandu guy nipple and tasting gandu guy nipple, Indian gay was unknowingly touching gandu guy cock and Akhilesh arrived all wet in a towel and found Mr Khan touching himself..

Indian gay felt a little ashamed and tried to explain to Akhilesh but Akhilesh winked and said” dont worry teacher desi gays got a lot off Hindi to cover” and dropped the towel and gandu guy cock was staring at Mr Khan’s face, Indian gay just pinned hot dude down and started smooching & kiss hot dude passionately, Akhilesh then took gandu guy shirt off and now Khan waa in gandu guy jocky briefs and hairy and sweaty, homosexual boys of them licking and smooching & kiss each other..

Mr Khan was such a horny slut that Indian gay only wanted Akhilesh’s hard and uncut lund. Indian gay knelt down between Akhilesh’s legs and took gandu guy whole monster cock down gandu guy throat. Akhilesh loved the attention gandu guy lund was receiving from gandu guy horny and wild tutor! Indian gay kept moaning out loud but Mr Khan just kept swallowing gandu guy lund like it was ice cream lollipop!

Akhilesh had never had a blowjob like that even from gandu guy other gay and horny hot buddies and now Indian gay understood what experience meant! It was like Mr Khan was just pressing all the right buttons to make hot dude go nuts.

Mr Khan must have blowjob for around 5 minutes when Akhilesh started to tremble and went weak below gandu guy knees. Indian gay felt as if the ground shook under hot dude and within seconds Indian gay started unloading all gandu guy cumshot down Mr Khan’s thirsty throat which Indian gay swallowed like a slutty pro.

Akhilesh couldn’t stand properly and fell down on gandu guy bed. Indian gay had just shut gandu guy eyes when Mr Khan pulled hot dude by gandu guy feet to the edge of the bed. Mr Khan was completely naked and gandu guy hard rock was pointing forward like it had a bone. Indian gay spread Akhilesh’s legs wide and spit on that straight pointing long cock. Indian gay understood what would follow next and Indian gay tried to prepare himself for the invasion of gandu guy tight butt hole hole.

Mr Khan raised Akhilesh’s legs and butt hole up and spit on gandu guy butt hole hole too. Indian gay then winked at hot dude just kept gandu guy tool at gandu guy hole and slowly pushed it in. Akhilesh screamed out loud but Mr Khan was in no mood to let hot dude go just yet. Indian gay backed off a bit and Akhilesh eased but then Indian gay pushed even harder and just slid gandu guy long lund all the way into Akhilesh’s tight butt hole hole. Indian gay screamed and grunted like a pig.

Akhilesh tried to push hot dude away but Mr Khan was too strong for hot dude. Indian gay just pinned hot dude down on the bed and kept fucking gandu guy butt hole slowly. Eventually Akhilesh’s butt hole loosened up too and Indian gay started enjoying Mr Khan’s lund ploughing gandu guy butt hole hole!

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Date: August 4, 2020