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Watch Indian desi gay Goa family sex blue film of daddy & son at Antarvasna. Hot Gay sex story that includes mine fantastic erotic experience with a damn sensational Kashmiri hot Indian gay daddy. Let me first introduce myself as Narendra Gupta, a 19 years old management Goa. Me am a straight acting guy. Mine look is neither identical with that of a south Indian guy nor a north Indian person.

Me look almost synonymous to a Korean or Chinese youth. So most of the Non-north eastern guys poured in nice compliments about mine look.
Me was completely an innocent person before this experience. Hardly Me knew about homosexual stereotypes. Everything changed dramatically after this mind blowing experience.

The Hindustani Indian gay guy whom Me did experimented with is working in an MNC based in Gurgaon, Big dick daddy hails from Agra. Me met naughty papa via a gay dating site Indian gay porn videos. Me was chatting with naughty papa for about a week. Before gandu father visit Big dick desi gay daddy published an add in the dating site with the title “Expecting a young brat(age range 18-23) from Goa with a decent and clear face pic in the profile”.

Me got interested in that add. So Me dropped a message there attaching mine own pic that Me took during our Freshers’ meet. Hardly after 7 hours Me received
gandu father reply “You look a Korean actor! Can’t wait to meet you!!!” Me felt as being flattered by gandu father exaggerated compliments.

Big dick daddy did attach a warm photo of himself wearing a white coat with a turban on gandu father head. What came to me as a shock was not gandu father turban but gandu father exceptionally tall statue as Big dick desi gay daddy claimed that Big dick daddy stood as tall as 6 feet 2 inches. Oh Ghost! What a huge difference that mine height is only 5. 4.

Me just replied telling naughty papa the fact but Big dick desi gay daddy became more interested to me saying that Big dick daddy used to surfing web site to watch European Vs tight Asian twink videos. what a great relief it was for me as Me always keep fantasy of being cozy with a taller desi gay guy. it was like a situation where both our role models have been met and clicked together.

Big dick daddy told me that Big dick daddy was due to visit Shimla since gandu baap beta was to get admitted in a medical college situated right here. Me never had the courage to ask directly gandu father age as Big dick daddy looked old enough to be called a big daddy. So Me instead inquired of gandu baap beta age. Big dick daddy was laughing and replied that gandu baap beta was 23 years old since Big dick daddy lost 3 years in private coaching. Me am even younger to gandu baap beta. Anyway, Me guess Big dick daddy must be in the age range of 45 plus, not bad nah??? We exchanged our personal mobile phone numbers.

Me was eagerly waiting for the day that Big dick daddy will be landing in Goa. Honestly speaking, Me also wanted to get a glimpse of gandu father teenage son. But Me could not show up in front of the duo as Big dick daddy requested me not to get into gandu father personal matter. Big dick daddy was truly sick!

At around 4 o’clock in that evening, Me received a SMS that sounded like an SOS message saying that Big dick daddy needed me too much in gandu father 3 star hotel bed. Such short texts from naughty papa ignited the bond of mine sexuality. Me have never felt that situation where Me started trembling both mine lower and upper limbs. Me did not reply naughty papa instantly rather Me kept day dreaming about naughty papa seeing gandu father photo. Me was revived by the ringing tune of mine phone. Me was not hesitate to receive gandu father desperate call. Now Me could hear an appealing and manly voice of a macho Hindustani.

Big dick daddy complimented mine high pitch rather not so masculine voice. We kept talking as long as 15 minutes over the phone. Me was more engaged into gandu father personal questions that Big dick daddy used to avoid. Big dick daddy told me that gandu baap beta would be getting admitted the following day and since then Big dick daddy will be in gandu father hostel. It was gandu father already made plan to stay further two days more whichever was good for me.

The first Sunday of August 2014 remains as an indelible day for me as on this day Me lost mine virginity to a totally stranger that too was to a damn hot Hindustani macho! Me have once gone to the hotel where Big dick daddy was staying but that was along with mine parents regarding an education fair organized in the previous year.

So this time Me was alone and could not embrace myself to the situation. Me felt as being guilty at times and asked myself if Me was caught red handed!Me was wearing a pink polo T-shirt and a tight skinny jeans. As Me am thin and fair , people sometimes make fun out of mine figure comparing me with a Chinese yellow chick.
Me approached to the reception counter and asked the receptionist there to guide me to discover the room number#344 where that macho was staying.

She requested me to follow her. We both had to take the elevator over there. After we landed the fourth floor, she knocked the door of the room#344 and she asked naughty papa whether Me had an appointment to meet naughty papa. The daddy like figure macho came up and gave me a naughty smile and confirmed her mine appointment and then she left us.

Taking a deep introspection of gandu father look, Me could realize instinctively that Me was wrong guessing naughty papa to be in mid 40’s. Big dick daddy made it clear that Big dick daddy was 56 in last April. Usually Me hate those guys who lied about their ages. But today Me don’t know why Me felt more excited rather being offended by gandu father fake age. Anyway, Me had to explore the stereotypes of a macho Hindustani.

Big dick daddy was really warm to me. Big dick daddy asked me to feel comfortable but rather Me was feeling nervous and did not know how to reciprocate gandu father actions. There were noisy sounds from the main road mainly coming out from the auto vehicles that killed our romantic quietness. Big dick daddy asked me to take mine shirt off and Big dick daddy was already only in gandu father black vest hardly covering gandu father hairy chest.

Me was slightly shy to show mine body as Me had some accumulation of fats in and around mine chest that make people feel as a teenage’s breast. Big dick daddy helped me to make me nude by removing mine pink vest too. Me also joined naughty papa removing gandu father vest. Trust me! Big dick daddy was so hairy that a proper portion of gandu father skin was not visible, it was thoroughly covered with rough hairs.

Big dick daddy started focusing on mine rosy lips, we exchanged our saliva. so sensational. Me felt myself as being trapped inside naughty papa. Me don’t not want this session of lip locking come ta an end. Big dick daddy was so hot. Big dick daddy caressed me tightly and made me lying on bed. Big dick daddy was on top of me. Me was like being under a 133 Kg weight sex machine.

Me wanted to take a break as gandu father weight was suffocating me but Me could not as Me have been longing this stuff to happen for many years. Gandu father dick was becoming more and more hard. Me could guess the size from that sensation. Honestly, Me was eager to check gandu father dick size. Big dick daddy took a halt, giving me an opportunity to breath. Big dick daddy was about to take off mine jeans and underwear. Everything happened in a smooth and well mannered way.
Big dick daddy was really cool in bed till now not so wild unlike other guys.

Me also wanted to see naughty papa naked but Big dick daddy was still with gandu father brown premium underwear. Big dick daddy did skip a view on mine dick that was really unusual. Big dick daddy was really a pure top in the vocabulary of gay words. Mine little dick stood innocent and erect measuring slightly greater than the size of mine middle finger. Big dick daddy asked me to spread mine legs wider.

It was time for rimming that Big dick daddy started inserting gandu father left finger slowly and then the pace kept on increasing seconds by seconds. As it was mine first rimming experience, Me was feeling a little uncomfortable but after 5-6 regular strokes it turned out surprisingly to be awesome. Me loved that feeling. Then Big dick daddy was ready to be licking mine bare tight butt. Me always keep mine tight butt hairs shaved on periodic basis. Gandu father licking inside mine tight butt went me nuts. Me even tried to spread mine tight butt more widened. Me really adore gandu father rimming skills.

Big dick daddy continued rimming for 4-5 minutes. Me was already on the verge of cum. If Big dick daddy stroked mine dick for a quarter of a minute, Me would be exploding mine load. But Big dick daddy never touched mine dick during the whole session for which Me had a feeling of hatred toward naughty papa. So, Me stroked myself for a while and loaded mine white discharge. Me was tired at all but Big dick daddy was becoming even more energized to see me wank off.

This time Big dick daddy could not spare mine wet tight butt. Big dick daddy was so quick to remove gandu father underwear and gandu father dick was like about to speak of gandu father own size, be fooling mine previous assumption. It was like one of those dicks seen in the X-rated movies. Me was terrified to take naughty papa even in mine tiny mouth , Big dick daddy grasped mine head with gandu father rough hands to guide mine mouth in taking gandu father dick deep inside.

Me was in an awkward situation. Me never expected naughty papa to be so wild. Me was afraid of naughty papa being wild, as Me think that being wild in sex is very dangerous. But this time Me could not resist naughty papa.

Me was giving naughty papa quick blowjob with mine eyes closed. Me could expect naughty papa to be on the top of ejaculation but it was very unusual that Big dick daddy remained receiving mine wild jobs for about 15 minutes. Me felt as being terrorized by that macho Hindustani hunk in that hotel room. Then Big dick daddy turned gandu father intention to mine virgin tight butt. Big dick daddy was already aware of mine virginity during rimming session.

So Me guess Indian gay Big dick daddy must have the fantasy of bare backing me. Me could notice Indian gay gandu father intention that Big dick daddy fetched a gel from the drawer that was under a mirror and rubbed around mine tight butt. Me asked naughty papa to go for safe sex but Big dick daddy insisted me about gandu father health status and convinced that Big dick daddy had always safe sex in gandu father previous relationships. So Me reluctantly agreed but Me was not so convinced enough. That time Me thought that fortunately Me met this Ludhiana hunk on a dating site and Big dick daddy was also here only for a purpose then mine instinct urged me to say YES.

Big dick daddy seemed to be excited even more than Me was. Big dick daddy tried to penetrate gandu Indian gay father XXL long dick inside mine smooth and tight tight butt. It was the most painful sex Me had experienced so far. Me requested naughty papa to stop inserting. It was like a hell situation, suffocating and traumatizing me mentally and physically. Big dick daddy was like a wild lion in the forest dominating a tender dear as gandu father food. Me wanted to scream for help but Big dick daddy held mine mouth with a rough towel.

Big dick daddy was controlling me in all available ways. Gandu father thunderous strokes tore mine tight butt apart and Me felt afraid whether bleeding happened. Me could not believe this really. Big dick daddy pretended to be soft in the beginning but now playing the role of a rapist!

Big dick daddy was fucking me hard with multiple strokes in a second. Me was on the top of naughty papa sitting over gandu father humongous dick. Me liked this position as Me could control the depth and the pace of stroking as well. Me turned mine face toward naughty papa and mine soft hands rubbed gandu father hairy chest and Big dick daddy was playing with mine nipples, they were already hard enough to be bitten.

Me was on the seventh heaven of pleasure Big dick daddy was contracting gandu Indian gay father muscles and breathed heavily. Big dick daddy was about to cum inside. Me could not stop stroking even harder that gandu father moaning sounds drove me crazy. Me kept on stroking over the top of gandu father dick.

Big dick daddy exploded gandu father white seed inside mine tight butt. Big dick Indian gay daddy was like being electrocuted that gandu father muscles contracted in a random manner and held me tightly with gandu father warm hands. Big dick daddy was licking gandu father semen coming out from mine tight butt. It was a true bare back session that Me can’t forget till now.

Date: August 4, 2020