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Myself just loved all my friends, gandu friends were intelligent in studies, good in sports and also loved to hangout and chill, gandu friends were truly a perfect squad. The Term-1 exams were approaching and myself had gone to Salmaan’s home for studying Social Science.

As soon as myself got in, myself found that Salmaan was sitting on couch watching T.V. myself asked hot dude, “won’t you study for the exams, your parents will scold you” Indian gay said that Indian gay has already prepared for it and homosexual buddy parents are not at home and will not come for next week as they had gone out of station for attending a marriage.

Then myself asked hot dude to clear some of my doubts and Indian gay agreed to help me, gandu friends both sat on sofa, and myself took out my book. As soon as myself started asking Indian gay was looking at me, and myself not say anything. It was the time when Indian gay kept homosexual buddy hand on my hand that myself understood homosexual buddy intentions.

Myself said that myself have no more doubts myself am all prepared for the exam and will definitely score good tomorrow. Indian gay asked me, so are you going home now, myself thought it is a good chance and myself should not waste this. So, myself said that I will go afterwards and gandu friends enjoy right now. Indian gay agreed.

So, gandu friends started to watch a xxx sex blue film and in no time myself could see homosexual buddy lund getting hard. And fortunately, the light has gone that time, and gandu friends were sweating so much, My and homosexual buddy t-shirt were whole wet with sweat.

So, Indian gay said me that Indian gay has no problem if myself put off my t-shirt, myself did that and Indian gay also, gandu friends were now continuing to watch xxx sex with our t-shirts off. Homosexual buddy body was so smooth and Indian gay was hairless. Our lund were so hot and erect by homosexual buddy time and Indian gay suddenly kept homosexual buddy hand on my lund.

myself just loved it, so myself not said anything. After some time, myself too kept my hand on homosexual buddy thighs and slowly towards homosexual buddy lund, Indian gay just a wicked smile. The blue film ended. Now myself was looking at hot dude and Indian gay at my lund. Gandu friends both knew that what is going to be the next source of joy.

myself lift homosexual buddy head up and kissed hot dude sop tightly for 5 minutes gandu friends were kissing, myself lifted hot dude and laid hot dude down on the bed and kissed hot dude, kissing hot dude myself went down, homosexual buddy neck and the chest, Myself then licked homosexual buddy nipples and bites them and Indian gay also loved it. myself gone down and put homosexual buddy lund in my mouth and started sucking it. Indian gay was moaning but loving it.

Then myself increased my speed and Indian gay held my head with homosexual buddy hands. after 10 minutes homosexual buddy cum was all in my mouth and throat. myself got up and kissed hot dude and gandu friends kissed for next 10 minutes.

It was after the kiss that Indian gay started to suck my lund, Indian gay was so good at it that myself moaned highly. after this myself spanked hot dude and inserted my 1 finger in homosexual buddy butt hole, and then 3 fingers, Indian gay screamed but enjoyed it, then Myself pushed my lund in hot dude and my half lund was in, Indian gay screamed so and started moaning.

I again pushed my lund and now my whole lund was in homosexual buddy butt, homosexual buddy butt was smooth myself never had such pleasure. Indian gay started moaning and myself was fucking hot dude very hardly.

Then around after 1:30 hours, trying all the styles that gandu friends ended my cum was all in hot dude, myself not took out my lund from homosexual buddy butt and myself laid on hot dude in this position only, and myself was on hot dude and Indian gay on bed for around 15 minutes, After this gandu friends had a long kiss and then gandu friends washed each other and myself left with a promise of giving hot dude this pleasure again.

Date: June 19, 2020