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View Cousin Indian desi gay brothers brutal anal gaand chudai at homosexual sex site. Hardcore Indian gay free xxx desi sex tube fuck scandal for homo fun. Me met with an accident and have to be ported to mine hometown. Me have to stay at rest for three months. Luckily mine work was allowing mine to work from home, Me did not had any issues with mine work. But with mine secret love, Yes Me have a big problem. Homo bhai missed each other so badly and started talking in phone like husband and wife.
Gandu cousin brother even came to mine home town to visit mine, at that time, as everyone was around, homo bhai could only see at each other. And then the final day came. Myself all ok and ready to go back to Chennai. The day Me went there without informing desi gay just to surprise desi gay, but it was so unfortunate, Gandu cousin brother was out of station on homosexual bhai own business tour.
Gandu cousin brother said Gandu cousin brother is very happy that Myself back and Gandu cousin brother will be back only after two days. Me said, all is for good. Me will wait. Gandu cousin brother said Me love you. Gandu cousin brother came back, that day happened to be the luckiest day for us, as homosexual bhai family was leaving to homosexual bhai in-laws house for the weekend. Homo bhai were so very happy. Myself also excited.
Evening, Me came to mine room early and was waiting for homosexual bhai call. Gandu cousin brother said Gandu cousin brother is going to drop homosexual bhai family in bus stand and that Gandu cousin brother will be back by 11pm. Simply for havingme to wait in homosexual bhai house, Gandu cousin brother said to take care of the house until then and gave mine the keys. Me said ok.
Hindustani gays left. And Myself waiting in homosexual bhai living room. Suddenly Me received a message with one word. The word is ‘Saree’. Me understood. Me got up took a fresh bath, got myself dressed up in saree. Me wore a pink color blouse and black lacey bra. Pink saree. Low hip. Gandu cousin brother came. Me opened the door, Gandu cousin brother came in and Me closed the door and went to the dining table to fetch desi gay some water.
Gandu cousin brother came from behind and hugged mine with one of hands sliding to from mine hips to mine navel. Homo bhai spill some water on the table and Gandu cousin brother just lifted mine to the bedroom as a young couple celebrating their first night. As soon as homo bhai entered in the room, Me asked desi gay to let mine down as Me want to hug desi gay. Gandu cousin brother then let mine down and Me hugged desi gay having mine arms around homosexual bhai neck. Gandu cousin brother again caught mine hips which gave mine a shock.
Gandu cousin brother pushed mine to the wall and made mine lean against the wall and started smooching and kissing mine, smooching mine same time browsing all over mine hips and gaand ass. Gandu cousin brother suddenly noticed mine blouse was showing the wetness in mine arm pit area. Gandu cousin brother madly smooching and kissed it as if Gandu cousin brother is seeing it for the first time. Myself whispering, heyyy what is this, Gandu cousin brother replied mine stating that Gandu cousin brother missed this smell and taste that is sweety-salt.
Mine love on desi gay raised to the point where Me wanted desi gay to smooching and kiss immediately. Me grabbed homosexual bhai hairs and pulled desi gay towards mine face-to-face and told desi gay, Myself gifted to have you as mine lover and gave desi gay the liplock. Tasting mine lower lips, Gandu cousin brother made mine saree slip down and Myself standing with mine blouse and skirt alone on mine. Gandu cousin brother saw mine navel and touched it. Me felt really very shy like a female and turned around. Gandu cousin brother again slided homosexual bhai hands from mine hips to navel and gave it gentle press. Till now Gandu cousin brother is not aware of the surprise Me have for desi gay.
Gandu cousin brother then asked mine to move to bed, Me told desi gay ok but before mine Gandu cousin brother moved and sat on the bed and stretched homosexual bhai arms for mine. Me came here desi gay and Gandu cousin brother wanted mine to stand for desi gay for some time as Gandu cousin brother loves to enjoy mine navel when Myself standing and Gandu cousin brother is sitting on the bed. Gandu cousin brother was so lovely on that area which Me never wanted desi gay to stop doing it. Me will moan more than a women, Me do not know why. Me simply love it. Then Gandu cousin brother saw the wetness of mine penis tip which moved it wave thru mine panty and skirt.
Gandu cousin brother said Gandu cousin brother wants it. It is homosexual bhai usual move to taste mine pre-cum. Me said no, not now. Gandu cousin brother then again continued with mine tummy area and navel. Gandu cousin brother then pushed homosexual bhai tongue inside mine navel while squeezing mine bums. Oh mine god, that was heavenly feeling.
Gandu cousin brother asked mine to lay down on bed, but Me wanted to show desi gay the surprise, the one thing Gandu cousin brother was wishing for a long time. Me told desi gay Me have something special for you today. Gandu cousin brother curiously asked what is it. Me asked desi gay to untie the skirt string. As Myself standing, it did not took too much time for mine skirt to fall down once the string was loosened by pulling one end of the knot. As soon as the skirt fell down, there homosexual bhai eye balls became big, yes,
Me had waxed mine legs as well and Myself wearing a lacey bikini like panty. Gandu cousin brother looked mine thighs and mine and thighs and mine atleast for 5-6 times and Me can see the love in homosexual bhai eyes. Gandu cousin brother asked mine you did this just for mine? Me said, then for who else Me will? Gandu cousin brother hugged mine thighs and squeezed each and every inch of mine thighs front and back and bums for a long time.
Me said shall Me get on bed as mine legs were aching as Myself standing for a long time starting from navel enjoyment to this thighs. And then Gandu cousin brother just grabbed mine to bed and Gandu cousin brother undressed himself. When Gandu cousin brother came near mine, Me smooching and kissed desi gay and then holding homosexual bhai penis, Me smooching and kissed desi gay once again. Gandu cousin brother then started to squeeze mine breasts and smooching and kissing it wildly. Gandu cousin brother removed mine blouse and left mine with bra and panty. Gandu cousin brother went down mine penis area and started smooching and kissing mine thighs and licking it as if homo bhai homosexual bhai enjoying a lady’s legs. Gandu cousin brother smooching and kissed all over that area not even leaving a millimeter.
For each and every smooching and kiss Me moaned and moaned because of that ticklish feeling and heavenly feeling. Gandu cousin brother said the way Myself moaning makes desi gay do more and more of what Gandu cousin brother has been doing. Then Gandu cousin brother came up and sat on the bed leaning himself to the head board of the bed. Gandu cousin brother asked mine to sit on homosexual bhai lap. Gandu cousin brother started enjoying mine cleavage and asked mine Me want some sweety-salt. Me know what Gandu cousin brother meant and Me slowly lifted mine hand, Gandu cousin brother started to lick right from mine chest all the way to mine arm pit.
Gandu cousin brother said that sweat sign on the blouse turned desi gay on too much. Gandu cousin brother asked mine to remove mine bra and feed desi gay mine nipples. When Me put mine arms at mine back to reomve the hooks of the bra, Gandu cousin brother got a hold of mine bum and pushed mine a little up so that Gandu cousin brother has lips levelled to mine nipples. Mine nips were getting sucked for more than Me expected and Me told desi gay please dear, it’s enough for today, as it is paining. Gandu cousin brother said oh sorry sorry.
Me said, hey do not feel sorry for this, because Me love such pains and when it pains whenever Me touch it, it will remind mine of you sucking it like a baby. And then with a loveable smile, Gandu cousin brother smooching and kissed mine nipples. And now Gandu cousin brother asked mine lay down on bed and started having the lollipop. Gandu cousin brother made mine moan and shout out when Me ejaculated, to that level Gandu cousin brother was showing some talents with homosexual bhai lips and tongue and teeth. Oh, Myself leaking pre-cum while typing this.
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And then Gandu cousin brother mounted on mine and inserted homosexual bhai tool between mine legs. It was tremendous feeling of having your loved penis inside you. Me enjoyed mine feminism as if Myself a female when Gandu cousin brother fucked mine thigh pit and Me hugged desi gay tight when Gandu cousin brother was ejaculating. Me believe homo bhai started at around 12:30 in the night and ended at around 2:30 or something. Then Me went to the bathroom and washed and came back to bed. Gandu cousin brother asked mine to wear only panty and a shirt because Gandu cousin brother want to feel mine soft thighs even at night.

Date: August 8, 2020